Chloé is a Graphic Designer based in the UK & Iceland.

Chloé focuses on Branding, Logos, Print, Packaging, Website design & Social Media optimisation.

She has also had experience in creating exterior/interior signage, shop fits, vehicle signage and uses technical drawings, renders and visualised mock-ups for these projects. 

Chloé's clients consist of small businesses locally in the UK and internationally. Some UK based clients include Red Bull Racing, Rangers FC, Stapletons Tyre Services, Northamptonshire Chinese School, English Brands, Growth Partners, The Mobile Tyre Service and many others. Additionally tyre brands like Maxxis, Nexen, Roadstone, Prestivo Performance Tyres.

International based clients include The Icelandic Hat CompanyHvítahús Artist Residency, Elva Art, Korter AuglýsingastofaHringiðan Internetþjónusta, Gallery Listasel, MamaCoach HK and many more. 


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